Absolute Deadline (space permitting): October 25, 2014           Fax form to: 850-249-3624

Grilling Space Cost:  $300 for Competition Grillers

(If you are going to participate in the prize money, regardless of your grill size, you must pay the $300)

 $100 for Backyard Grillers

As a Backyard Griller, The Rotary Club of Panama City Beach will provide ONE of the following meats for the signature “Swine Tasting:” Chicken Wings, Pork Ribs, Pork Butts or Beef Brisket.

 $100 for ANYTHING BUT…

Anything you want to brag about? Gumbo, chili, apple pies, cornbread, grilled shrimp to bacon wrapped chicken livers. Here’s your chance!  You must provide a minimum of 350 servings no larger than 2 oz. 

Please make checks payable to:

PCB Rotarians at Work, Inc. and mail to: P.O. Box 9279, PCB, FL 32417

PCB Rotarians at Work, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization (EIN# 20-8589918)



  1. Chicken: The team will cook chicken as individual pieces, quartered.
  2. Pork Ribs: Loin back (baby back) or spare ribs only, meat on the bone. No country style ribs and no chopped, pulled, or sliced rib meat loose in the box.
  3. Pork: Whole shoulder, Boston butt or Picnic only. Must be cooked as a single piece of meat.
  4. Beef Brisket: Packer trimmed, flats or points.

Competition Competitors will NOT be eligible for the People’s Choice Award

Backyard Grillers and “Anything But” are eligible for the People’s Choice Award

We request, as a contribution to our charity event, that you prepare 350 servings of "finger foods" to be handed out during the “Swine Tasting” event which is the public part of the event.

The Grills Gone Wild/Rotary Club of Panama City Beach WILL provide the meat (from any of the 4 categories above) for the signature “Swine Tasting” portion but YOU MUST LET US KNOW WHAT TO ORDER, PRIOR TO THE EVENT.


We are hosting this event to raise money for local charities in our area.  This event is about having fun, fellowship and creating some bragging rights about how great we all can cook.  Friendly competition is the program, and arrogance, pompous attitude, rudeness, (you get the picture) will not be tolerated.  Winning is great, but conducting ourselves in a manner that exemplifies the spirit of our cause, “Service Above Self” is paramount to all whom participate.

The Contest Committee reserves the right to reject any application for entry.  Any photographs or videos authorized or taken by Rotary or any News media of a team on site, responses to questions in this application and prize winning recipes may be used for promotional purposes by the Grills Gone Wild Event.  

The Contest Committee reserves the right to reject any application for entry.  Any photographs or videos authorized or taken by Rotary or any News media of a team on site, responses to questions in this application and prize winning recipes may be used for promotional purposes by the Grills Gone Wild Event.  Space size for contestants is 20’ x 20’ except in special circumstances with approval by the Event coordinator. Each site will have access to 1 (one) 20 amp circuit. Please bring extension cords as needed.

Contact Information:  Alan Graham 850-896-2648

      Sponsorships: Ann Scruggs 850-258-2735 or 

Andre Boyd 407-506-6130

Rules for SWINE TASTING Participants AND Competition Grillers


MAIN EVENT GUIDELINES - The Signature “Swine Tasting” Event is a major part of GGW and will attract upwards of over 2,500 people to the campus.  Each griller is asked to provide a taste of their product to those in attendance.   Feel free to be creative with your product – gumbo, fish, desserts, stews, vegetables, etc. – anything you can cook on the grills and bring the people to your grill area.                                                                                                               

Be prepared to provide a minimum of  350 pieces of product so PORTION CONTROL IS ESSENTIAL.  It is asked that each sample be portioned and distributed to be no larger than 2 oz.  If your site is preparing ribs, one rib per guest is the guideline.                                                           

Competition Grillers & Backyard Grillers can pick-up their selected meat for the signature “Swine Tasting” from 3 p.m.  - 6 p.m., on Friday, November 21, 2014,  - LaFriandise kitchen area.  Be should to let us know what type meat you will need for the Swine Tasting so it can be ordered.  No last minute, or day of, orders will be accepted!  The main event will begin at 6:00PM.  


The Grills Gone Wild Event coordinator must approve any construction on event property in advance.

Structures must be safe and kept in good repair and failure to do so will result in cook team disqualification. Cook sites are limited and must be used for the competition and event, not just for entertaining guests of the cook team.  We want everyone to have a good time, however, this is a contest and the space provided is needed for the teams to prepare for competition.


Contestant(s) agrees to indemnify and hold Grill Gone Wild, Rotary Club of Panama City Beach, Gulf Coast State College, and Bay County School Board, all employees, agents and volunteers harmless from any and all claims made against same, including, without limitation, all costs, liabilities, judgments, expenses, damages, or reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or in connection with:

1)      Any Structure erected by Contestant(s)

2)      Any apparatus, equipment, or personal property used by Contestant on the premises

3)      Any act or omission to act of Contestant(s), Contestant Team, its agents, invitees, participants, representatives, employees, servants and assigns

4)      Any claims made on account or resulting from Contestant(s) participation in the contest

We agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations the Grills Gone Wild coordinator contained in the application and information provided to all accepted applicants.  We further agree to see that the area is cleaned after our use of the site, to remove all trash and garbage resulting from our use of the cook site, to turn off all lights and electrical appliances and to extinguish any and all fires prior to leaving the site. We further agree to notify all members of the cooking team of these important rules.

We agree to pay a $100 uses fee for non compliance of the rules stated above.